The Elemental Angel Series by D. C. Cowan

Posted on 25th September 2015 in Book Review, Fantasy Fiction, Science Fiction, Young Adult
The Elemental Angel Series by D. C. Cowan

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Silver Light Angel originally caught the eye of my tween foster daughter who downloaded it on her Kindle. She enjoyed it so much that she persuaded me to sit down and read it as well. This book is the first in a series called ‘Elemental Angels’, and my foster daughter is looking forward into delving into more of the books. I can see why; this book was very sweetly written and a fun one to read.

Silver Light Angel Elemental Angels

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Silver Light Angel follows the story of a young girl named Venus. Venus is born into a clan where each person is given a guardian angel. Venus’s guardian angel can harness the power of light, and because of this Venus also finds herself with the ability to harness light. Once Venus truly harnesses her power, she’s put to the test as she must work to protect the universe from the ‘Hellions’- a group determined to upset the peace of everything she holds dear.
My foster daughter really loves all books that are related to angels. She’s read quite a few of them, but the fact that the lead character in this book was a typical girl who worked side by side, and gained power through her angel made it very appealing to her. The main character, Venus, is an exquisite role model for my younger girl. I love female characters that portray strength, dignity, and a sense of purpose. Not only is this a great way to show my daughter that she can be a strong-willed female, but it’s just a motivational message in general and it’s something about this book that I really appreciated.

This book was packed with a lot of action- which made it a lot of fun to read. You find yourself rooting for Venus. The story develops perfectly and allows you to really get to know the world, the purpose of the guardian angels, the main character herself, and all aspects of the story. It moved along at the perfect pace and the character development was perfect. I’d definitely recommend this for girls ages 12 and up. It’s a great story that takes place in a fantasy world. Very fun to read, easy to follow, and has a very likable main character. I see why my daughter loved this book so much, and I look forward to reading more books in this series with her as well.




Complex, Dramatic, and Even Mysterious

elemental angels volume 2‘Dark and Light Angels’ was a really engaging read for me. I love the blend between science fiction and spirituality that DC Cowan has created in this world. On top of that, each book in the series contains well-planned and intricate tales that bring the demons and angels to life even more. This is especially true of volume 2 of Elemental Angels the Novel.

Cowan has a certain skill for creating scenarios of good and evil that are complex, dramatic and even mysterious. Aysa Mihos’ mission to dig up her family’s secrets is a great example of that.




Great One…

Dorian book three 03Excellent….This book is amazing. It is well written and a fun young adult paranormal book. Very fantastic. Actually, the author has great world building skills and right from the beginning you are introduced into a magical world. As well as, Her writing is very clear, easy to understand. I think her writing is deep and emotional putting me right in the middle of a compelling romance. Specially, the author does a fantastic job at making you care about the characters, All characters are well developed. So, I loved this. I like to suggest every bookworms like me.

I highly recommended.


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