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dccowan August 5, 2014

 The Legend of the Black Rose

interracial adult paranormal romance novel

The Legend of the Black Rose features African American protagonists, time travel, a touch of fantasy and historical fiction.

“The Legend of the Black Rose”(to be released July 29, 2014) by D.C. Cowan is the first book of a unique fiction series that melds the genres of history and fantasy. Though written over thirty years ago by D.C. Cowan, the book has just been published recently.

In the book, the spirit of the African Princess Kula Kyrni Kara who was kidnapped from her homeland and forced into slavery is known as the Black Rose from the legend.  Wanting her freedom, the Black Rose chooses Ciscely Raymond, her direct descendent, to be her bodily host and sends Ciscely back fifty years into the body of another woman from her church. “The Legend of the Black Rose” is a story about love, pride, racism, and spirituality, as well as a mystery as to how to retrieve Ciscely from 1930 and back to the life she knows is hers.

 The book is written very well with a keen attention to character and plot details as well as the development of the setting of the fictional landscape.  The writing is also very creative in the way the author tells the story from the perspectives of the Black Rose and from Ciscely in different periods of time.  “The Legend of the Black Rose” by D.C. Cowan is a perfect new fiction series for you if you enjoy history and fantasy. Pick up a copy on July 29!

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My Amoretto: Guardian Angel…Italian Style

new adult paranormal romance

New adult paranormal romance featuring a young girl who studies abroad and has a mysterious stalker. Could it be her guardian angel?

I have never been to Italy, but after reading this story…I should book a flight. D.C. Cowan paints a picture of a gorgeous place and I truly felt like I could see each image, each sculpture. Galatea was a exuberant and wonderful character that was portrayed in this story. She finds herself needing backup in a guardian angel and with a guardian angel like that…who wouldn’t? I am a sucker for chemistry and there was a lot of it in this book. This is one of those books that you can pick it up in the morning, and have it read by suppertime. I did not want to put it down. I enjoyed reading it and my only disappointment was when it was finished. Now, onto finding my next adventure and seeing what else D.C. Cowan has to offer.

Amazon 5 star review



Angelic Heroes Trilogy

multicultural epic fantasy books

Meet Omni. She lives during a time with kings, swords, and blacksmiths. Throughout her life she finds a strange gift to overcome death repeatedly and becomes a little stronger each time.

Authors D. C. Cowan, the mother-daughter duo, deliver us this enchanting story of Omni. Omni is a beautiful character. After losing her mother at a young age she now lives with her father and excels as a young lady with excellent character. I was immediately enchanted with Omni and found her generosity and energy utterly lovable. I was held captive wondering what Omni’s life would bring as she grew into a woman.

The story takes place in another time where markets and blacksmiths were the norm and rooms were lit by candles. Here we are transported to D. C. Cowan’s vision. From the beginning we are intrigued to discover what was the orb that was passed from mother to daughter before the mother’s death? How will the death of her mother affect Omni’s life? Soon we discover Omni’s special abilities and the path she is destined for. We watch in wonderment as Omni sets in motion a new and promising future for her people. Full of suspense, love, war, adventure and the good fight this is one story you won’t want to miss. I highly recommend it!

Edith McPhillamy, Amazon Reviewer


multicultural sci fi fantasy books

1000 years after the time of Omni, meet Deva. She lives during a time of Arcadia’s Great Depression, with alchemists who experiment on the people. All the while they are looking for the child of light who is prophesied to be the key to find the One and stop the evil alchemists and king.


Powerful. I haven’t read a book like this in ages. There was never a dull moment in “Fire of Light” I found myself reading this book whenever I got a chance, on the subway, and even at work, but shh don’t tell anyone that. This book kept me on the edge of my seat. I so badly wanted to find out what would happen to Deva’s father so I feverishly kept reading. You will fall in love with a lot of these characters and you can relate to some of them too. I like how this author doesn’t hold anything back. I love the morals and the lessons that can be learned from this story. This book should be read by everyone, it’s certainly an eye opener.

5 star Amazon Review



multicultural sci fi fantasy books

Meet Thea, 1000 years after Deva. She’s an orphan who labors in a coal mine. She grows up during a time with odd inventions called orgos and robots and cyborgs roam the streets. It’s a mix between sci fi, steampunk and fantasy. She will need immense strength to fight the evil one who controls all the orgos.

Impressive!  Certainly this undisputed book is creatively written and flawlessly executed. Amazingly this enflamed story line burned with an unquenchable passion and excitement. The dazzling characters’ description is something to behold, they were just beautiful. The author uses a unique style of writing which is utterly captivating. I dared not to remove my eyes from this magnificent page-turner. It moved so fast I could barely keep up. Unmistakably, this book waves an epic battle unlike any I have ever seen before. Indeed it is mind blowing, dynamic and stunning non-stop.

Amazon 5 star review

Elemental Angels Trilogy

sci fi fantasy books with angels

The first novel in the Elemental Angels Series. This story is a mix of science fiction and fantasy. Guardian angels have the power over the elements and help thwart the evil Hellions who are experimenting on the mortal races.

Silver Light Angel originally caught the eye of my tween foster daughter who downloaded it on her Kindle. She enjoyed it so much that she persuaded me to sit down and read it as well. This book is the first in a series called ‘Elemental Angels’, and my foster daughter is looking forward into delving into more of the books. I can see why; this book was very sweetly written and a fun one to read.

Silver Light Angel follows the story of a young girl named Venus. Venus is born into a clan where each person is given a guardian angel. Venus’s guardian angel can harness the power of light, and because of this Venus also finds herself with the ability to harness light. Once Venus truly harnesses her power, she’s put to the test as she must work to protect the universe from the ‘Hellions’- a group determined to upset the peace of everything she holds dear.

My foster daughter really loves all books that are related to angels. She’s read quite a few of them, but the fact that the lead character in this book was a typical girl who worked side by side, and gained power through her angel made it very appealing to her. The main character, Venus, is an exquisite role model for my younger girl. I love female characters that portray strength, dignity, and a sense of purpose. Not only is this a great way to show my daughter that she can be a strong-willed female, but it’s just a motivational message in general and it’s something about this book that I really appreciated.

This book was packed with a lot of action- which made it a lot of fun to read. You find yourself rooting for Venus. The story develops perfectly and allows you to really get to know the world, the purpose of the guardian angels, the main character herself, and all aspects of the story. It moved along at the perfect pace and the character development was perfect. I’d definitely recommend this for girls ages 12 and up. It’s a great story that takes place in a fantasy world. Very fun to read, easy to follow, and has a very likable main character. I see why my daughter loved this book so much, and I look forward to reading more books in this series with her as well.

Amazon 5 Star Review

elemental angels volume 2

In the second book of the Elemental Angels series, we discover the truth about the forces of good and evil that have been battling each other for centuries.

Complex, Dramatic, and Even Mysterious

‘Dark and Light Angels’ was a really engaging read for me. I love the blend between science fiction and spirituality that DC Cowan has created in this world. On top of that, each book in the series contains well-planned and intricate tales that bring the demons and angels to life even more. This is especially true of volume 2 of Elemental Angels the Novel.

Cowan has a certain skill for creating scenarios of good and evil that are complex, dramatic and even mysterious. Aysa Mihos’ mission to dig up her family’s secrets is a great example of that.

Amazon 5 Star Review

sci fi fantasy books angels

In the third novel of the Elemental Angels Series, we follow the daughter of Venus and her allies who go on an epic adventure across the galaxy to stop the Hellions who wed a new bride every fifty years. Can they stop the population of hellions and half-bloods from growing?

Great one…

Excellent….This book is amazing. It is well written and a fun young adult paranormal book. Very fantastic. Actually, the author has great world building skills and right from the beginning you are introduced into a magical world. As well as, her writing is very clear, easy to understand. I think her writing is deep and emotional putting me right in the middle of a compelling romance. Specially, the author does a fantastic job at making you care about the characters, All characters are well developed. So, I loved this. I like to suggest every bookworms like me.

I highly recommended.

Five Star Amazon Review

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