About Fantasy Fiction Kingdom

dccowan August 5, 2014

fantasy fiction kingdomFantasy Fiction Kingdom is an online bookstore featuring sci fi books, paranormal romance, fantasy books, comics, games, anime, and movies.  There are also games available to play on our site.

Our mission is to spread the word about various authors who write fantasy fiction, science fiction, and paranormal romance books as well as give a hub for authors and readers to connect and talk about their favorite books, movies, games, and comics.

Fantasy Fiction Kingdom was founded by two authors who write under the pen name D. C. Cowan.  They are the authors of several novels and book series ranging from paranormal romance (i.e. The Legend of the Black Rose) to epic fantasy (Elemental Angels Series). They founded Fantasy Fiction Kingdom because they wanted to share their books, but also wanted to share about other author’s books and comics as well.  We started Fantasy Fiction Kingdom an online review blog as a way for us to connect to others interested in sci fi fantasy.

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